Monday, May 01, 2006

Outcomes from ASP Meeting

Here are the summary of resources that we collected today during our break out session. Many resources have links with them and most also have someone's name associated with it. If you have questions or want to learn more talk to those folks and they can help you out!

Technology Resources:

Quick Computer Games to Start a Tutorial – Get the Brain Thinking traffic jam math problem

Text to Speech Programs:

• Kurzweil 3000: (see K. Poulin)
• Dragon Naturally Speaking:
• Built in speaker in computer (see K. Poulin or H. Mundhal)
• Reading Pen: (see R. Brewster)

See H.Mundhal

Widgets: (see H.Mundhal)
Downloadable tools to your MAC to customize your learning platform

Wikipedia: A selectively valuable online encyclopedia. Able to be set up as a widget on your laptop (see H. Mundhal)
WebLaunch Page: An easy way to harness research for upcoming projects which require Internet research. Teachers can hyperlink pictures or words in a Word doc to approved sites on the Internet. (see E. Wilson)

Blogs & Online Discussion Groups: (see H. Mundhal or A. Barnaby)
Interactive communities which are sharable with the outside world. Great for classes and

Teacher’s Resources: : available lesson plans. (See JK Scott) available lesson plans. (See JK Scott) includes rubric web site. (See E. Wilson) site where teachers can create crossword puzzles create Algebra practice problems. Students can click and do own practice on this site timelines, games, etc online “how to” of study skills different resources across subjects Fun grammar source for teachers and students resource on study skills

Informational Sites: ABC’s of teaching ADHD science of reading

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Beth Elkin said...

Hi Hans,
Great site!
Just a comment on the use of Wikipedia: The history dep't has decided that across the board we won't allow students to use Wikipedia for a source for papers and projects because anyone can post to it. Although it is eventually edited, information can be posted before it is verified.
That said, Wikipedia might still be useful to help a student get a general sense of a topic. Another possible use of Wikipedia is not necessarily to conduct research on a topic but as an outlet for already completed research; they could add to or verify content they find on the site.