Monday, June 23, 2008

Flat Classroom Project

After talking with Jake the other day about how his grad class used wikis to connect with another class from Spain I was starting to think about how in the world to make those initial connections.

That seems to be the really tricky part - finding a class and a teacher you can work with to the right degree. It would be rotten to get all fired up with your students only to partner with a school that only wants to connect online once. After you've found a school and a project to do together then the wiki is just a convenient place to hang out. In other words, the wiki isn't the end - it's the means.

Enter the Flat Classroom Project. This looks like a very interesting global project to connect classrooms around problems and opportunities as discussed in Friedman's The World is Flat. "Oh yeah," I said to myself, "I read that book - it seemed like a really good book to base a project on."

Looks like these folks have gone and done it - and they are interested in finding other schools to join them.

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