Monday, June 09, 2008

Ideas, ideas, ideas

What follows is a series of edits I made to our NHS Tech wiki as interesting ideas came to me. Looking back I think they are better suited to this blog so I'm moving them over and future discoveries will be posted here.

I'd eventually like to develop a good tagging system to keep track of this goodness. Enjoy!

General ideas

I'd like to capture ideas as they come up. This feature eventually seems better suited to a blog format. See my thoughts on how to separate blogs, social bookmarking and wikis for different functions over here.

Google Earth Layers

Check this out, Google has worked with some non profits to develop some custom layers for Google Earth to allow folks to see what is happening in Myanmar. Pretty cool. I'd like to think about how we find and share ideas with each other and eventually a wider audience. I started a new page for that conversation.

Two interesting looking books

Wikis in education- Case studies from educators
Wikipaterns- tag line is 'Improving collaboration and productivity at your organization'

Christian Science Monitor article

This looks like an interesting article on co-opting new tech in the classroom. Jen Berry found it and forwarded it to me.

Educational Blogging Award

This site might be a good place to find other like minded educators.

Tag Galaxy

I'm not sure of the application for this yet to education but it is pretty cool to look at. It's basically a way to visualize flickr picture tags and see pictures that are related to each other by tag. Also a good way to search a lot of pictures at once. Tag Galaxy is a diploma thesis project at a German university of applied science.

Facilitating online conversations

Interesting post here.

NAIS Conference Wiki This wiki has some good resources, ideas and links.

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