Monday, December 11, 2006

Graphic organizers for fun and profit

You've heard of graphic organizers like Inpiration for school work.

Then there are also graphic organizers for art and politics.

But for humor and profit?

Check it out.

Here's my homage.

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Laurel said...

Hey Hans - Thanks for your comments on my blog. Frozen boogers is totally something I would google, I bet you found some weird stuff. I actually started in Quebec City, Canada - that map I posted just shows about where I've been above the Arctic circle. We did pass near Gjoa Haven, though.

The camera just gets a bit slow when its real cold - so far I've been impressed with what it can handle. You're definitely right about the random events in Norway - we have mini-parties like every week when someone makes a cake or something. You don't even realize how much little things excite you - its definitely gets people through the winter.

Glad you like the site! Looks like you do some interesting stuff too.