Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Training Day Feedback

Things we did well and things to do differently?

Please comment with feedback.


Anonymous said...

It went well today. I think many people learned of blogging and got some experience as well. Thanks Hans!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the really great class. I will keep blogging now that I have made a page.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much- I've been wanting to learn this for awhile! Well done, useful workshop!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much,it was very interesting and I learned a lot.

eric said...

great class, saw some fun blogs made. "a good time was had by all." make a blog and link to it from your course management page in whipplehill! let me know if you'd like to learn how.

KFW said...

Thank you, Hans, it was fast and efficient!
Plus now I have the "more friendly" browser too, thanks to Eric!